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The "We have a friend" photographer...

There are times when it is considered a compliment that someone else comes along, sees your work and thinks, "hey, that's a great idea. I think I'll do the same thing." Then there are times when other people or businesses think that very same thought, but lack experience and creativity to reproduce the same thing. 

The frustrating part is when people or businesses are so sure they can copy someone else's work, they tell their clients, "sure we can do that, and it'll only cost you half of what the other guy was going to charge you."

The reality is, you really do get what you pay for. I say this because, if professionals were professionals at their own craft, they wouldn't have to convince their client that they could copy someone else's work. They would simply create their own work and sell it at their own price. That way, clients know what they are getting when they shop around for products they like; not just the prices.

This is especially true in photography. Taking portraits is not just having a fancy camera or all the latest toys so you can go out and copy other professionals' work. It's about developing your own style, taste, look... whatever it is that separates you from the rest of your competition (because, believe me, there is PLENTY of it.). 

At A&C Photography, we have pride in the fact the we are not the cheapest. Over the years we've been in business, we have developed a style that our clients can expect to get every time they have a session with us. Sure, we get suggestions from clients that they might want us to duplicate, but in no way do we strive to copy other photographers' work.

So, I want to share an example with you; an example to show that people really do get what they pay for.

Take a look at the following photos. This client hired us to capture fashion images for their new clothing catalog. After the first day, they decided to hire another... cheaper photographer to document their clothing line. In my opinion, the client got the bad end of the deal. We were able to obtain these images because the client had posted them on an online social platform.




After taking a look at these photos, which do you think would be better in a catalog for high end clothing?


We also did some band photos for a heavy metal group...


Band IndividualsBand Individuals

Not many photographers get the opportunity to examine someone else trying to copy their own work and style. This just shows that hiring a true professional might not be cheap, but it is well worth the cost when you are trying to create an online brand and specific vision of your self, especially online.

Adam Corcoran | A&C Photography